3 Ways to Map a Network Drive to Your Computer

As a daily routine, you have ever try to use UNC path to access some files or folders on the network share. You may imagine that you have many UNC path to remember in your daily work, how can you remember it? Microsoft Windows has a good function to deal with your problem. It’s called Map Network Drive. Ok, let to get it works.

Method 1: Using Windows UI

On your desktop screen, right click on the Computer > Map network drive…

Choose the Drive letter, place the network shared folder into Folder then click Finish

You should see the Network Drive mapped on your Windows Explorer.

Simple right click on the Network Drive to disconnect, the mapped Network Drive will no longer appear on your computer.

Method 2: Using Windows Command Line

Open Command Prompt (CMD) by running as administrator. Type the command below to add a Shared Network Drive

net use z: \\fileserver\shared_folder\

Method 3: Using Local Group Policy Editor

Create a batch file I called map-drive.bat to add 1 line to this file.

net use z: \\fileserver\shared_folder\

Open Local Group Policy by using Windows suggestions or opening it in Run > gpedit.msc

In this method, I will use the Log-on script to run the batch file on user login. Here is these step to configure the Log-on script

Click Add > Browse to the batch file that added before.

Run this command in CMD to get Computer to take effect, gpupdate /force 

You should Log-off then Log-on again to see the result.

Known issue

You may be facing the Red-Cross although you have disconnected the Shared Network Drive.

To get it to fix, open Task Manager, navigate to Windows Explorer > right click Restart, it will get out of your computer.

That’s it. Thank you for reading.

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