AD User and Computer Missing Dial-in Tab in RSAT on Windows 10

You may get the issue of missing some favorite tab from Properties under AD User and Computer (ADUC) after installing or re-install The Remote Server Administration Tool such as Dial-in,… OK, let see the image below I will show you the differences.

Let’s start to get it fixed. Logon to Domain Controller then open File Explorer, access to both path:

C:\Windows\System32 or %SystemRoot%\System32. Copy these file mprsnap.dll and rasuser.dll to your desktop.

C:\Windows\System32\en-US or %SystemRoot%\System32\en-US. Copy these file mprsnap.dll.mui and rasuser.dll.mui to your desktop.

After that, you need to copy those file to your Windows 10 to the appropriate  C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows\System32\en-US folder.

During the copy, you may get the issue to relate Permission Denied on the folder System32, you need to take ownership of this folder and grant full permission for your account.

Then open Command Prompt (cmd) with Administrative rights, type the command below:

regsvr32.exe rasuser.dll

Re-Open the ADUC on your Windows 10 and verify. The Dial-in tab will appear in properties.

That’s it. Hope it saves your time.


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Omar Alvarez
Omar Alvarez
9 months ago

Used Windows Server 2016 and it works on my Windows 10. Anything less gives me error when I try to reg the dll file.

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