Dark Context Menu When Right Clicking Desktop Folders and Icons In Windows 10

When you right-click anywhere on the taskbar, you get a sleek dark grey context menu with easy to read white text.

I also like the animations and overall it’s really crisp, Microsoft did a good job with that. My question is this: why didn’t they extend this feature to the desktop? When you right click the desktop, or on icons, or inside File Explorer, you get that old white context menu that is just plain terrible to look at. I’m after a unified dark look across everything I use and this has been bugging me for a long time. How to get it works? Please follow the tip below.

Change the Transition Effects for Menus and Tooltips

Follow these “no-brainer” steps:

Start > Right Click Computer > Select Properties

Click the Advanced System Settings > Advanced Tab

Under Performance, Click Settings

Under Custom: tick (uncheck) the check-box FADE OR SLIDE MENUS INTO VIEW

Apply & OK.

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