Deploy DHCP Services in Windows Server 2019

For this Demo, I’m using 2 Vmware Machines, which is my Previous DC Server (phuong.local), and Windows 7 Client.

I will install DHCP Services in DC Server.

Let get started…

  • Let check the DC1 server

  • Next, on the same server, open Server Manager and click Tools to confirm we have no DHCP services installed.
  • Once you confirm that this particular server has no DHCP Services installed, please click Add roles and features and then click Next button on the next screen.
  • On the Select installation type screen, make sure you select Role-based or feature-based installation and click Next button.

  • On the Select destination server screen, confirm that you have selected “select a server from the server pool” and click Next.
  • Next on the Select server roles, click DHCP button, Add features and click next to proceed.

  • On the Select features screen, just click next because we have no extra features to install at the moment.
  • On the DHCP Server screen, click Next to proceed.
  • On the Confirm installation selections, click Install.
  • Just waiting until the installation complete then click the close button.

  • Next, open Server Manager and click Tools, you will see DHCP stated in the list, click the DHCP to open the console.
  • Once your DHCP console open, verify your server name, in my case is dc1.phuong.local, double click IPv4, and you will notice there is no scope available. No scope means no IP address will distribute to our clients.

  • Next, you need to create the scope so that later our Windows 7 client will get IP from this server. What you need to do, just right click IPv4, Click New Scope.

  • Then click Next to proceed.
  • On the Scope Name, enter any name you prefer just to help you identify the scope information, then click Next.

  • On the IP Address Range screen, this is where you need to enter the range of IP for your clients,  the IP you enter will distribute to client later.. for this demo I’m using for my start IP until for my last IP.

  • On the Add Exclusions and Delay, I’m excluding to, meaning 54 IP’s will not be distributed to any clients. I will use this IP for other servers.
  • Next, on the Lease Duration, I set 8 days, this is where you specify how long your clients can use an IP address from this scope.
  • Next, On the Configure DHCP Options screen, click “Yes, I want to configure these options now”.
  • On the Router (Default Gateway) screen, you need to let the DHCP Server know what your Default Gateway.

  • Next, on the Domain Name and DNS Servers screen, verify that Parent Domain automatically detect my domain name which is phuong.local and the IP itself.
  • On the WINS Servers, just click next because I do not have any WINS Server running in my Infra.
  • Next, on the Activate Scope screen, Verify that you choose Yes, I want to activate this scope now and click next.. then on the next screen, click Finish.
  • On the DHCP Console, you will see your new scope now running and ready to distribute IP to clients.

  • Verify the DHCP Server can distribute the IP from this server. Turn on your Client.. and go to Local Area Connection Properties, double click TCP/IPv4 and make sure you choose to Obtain an IP address automatically, same goes to Obtain DNS server address automatically.. and click OK.

  • Lastly.. verify that your machine is getting IP from DHCP Server that you just created.

  • Checking on DHCP server.

If it not getting any IP, type ipconfig /release and press enter then ipconfig /renew and press enter to get new IP.

That’s it.

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