Fix Administrative Tools is not accessible

For some reason, you may inaccessible to Administrative Tools in Start Menu or Control Panel.

eg: I’ve tried to search the disk clean up app from the menu start, but no result.

or when you try to access to Administrative Tools from control panel the windows may throw an error like that

How to get it back to work? let follow to some shorts step below.

Access to this path from Run.

Navigate to the Start Menu folder then Right Click Properties, go to the Security tab, you may see this folder is lacking permission. Click on the Advanced button

As you can see the Owner is not assigned to any User/Group, let change it.

Change the Owner to SYSTEM, if you are in Domain environment you may look into the Locations to choose your Local PC.

Tick to checkbox Replace owner on subcontainers and objects, click Enable inheritance to Disable inheritance and also tick to the bottom checkbox Replace all child object…..

Once you click the Apply you will prompt the Windows Security for confirming, just click Yes and OK

After completing the steps above without any error. Your Administrative Tools should be back to work.

I hope it useful and thank you for reading.

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