[Fix] Remote Desktop Cannot Connect

The Remote Desktop service allows us to connect and work remotely from anywhere in the world as long as there is a network connection. For some reason, the remote desktop service not working properly, you will not able to remote to your computer anymore. The typical error messages usually appear when the remote desktop service is down like that.

Let get started to work around the issue.

I use the command prompt from another device to troubleshoot by using the telnet command. By default, the Remote Desktop port is 3389. I will do a command to see the 3389 is ready or not. If you see the error message Connecting to your IP address… Could not open connection to the port, on port 3389: Connect failed. It means the remote desktop service may be hung or stopped.

Another check from the faulty machine. As you can see I have used the netstat command for checking the listening port. In fact, the remote desktop port is not listening.

I also check and make sure the remote desktop service has been Turned-on, go to Windows Settings by pressing Windows key + I, then click System > Remote Desktop.

Both TCP & UDP of Remote Desktop should be allowed by Windows Defender Firewall. From the menu start, search and open Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security.

Check the Action column, it must be Allow

After checking all the necessary stuff for using the remote desktop service. Unfortunately, I still cannot remote.

I try another computer with the same Windows version, try to compare between 2 computers, I figure out that in the services.msc of the non-work machine is missing Remote Desktop Services.

To get it to fix by export the TermService registry key from the work machine to the non-work machine. From the menu start of the Work Machine, search and open Registry Editor.

Navigate to this key, right-click export and save with name termser.reg


Copy and put the termser.reg somewhere on the Non-Work machine, open the command prompt with admin right then do a command below to add the reg file to your machine.

You must restart your computer to take effect.

That’s it. I hope it helps in solving your problem.

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