How to backup Chat History of Skype Version 7.xx from Skype Version 8.xx?

Your conversation history includes all the instant messages you’ve sent to and received from your contacts or groups, as well as details of any calls you’ve had on Skype.

How to export/backup your Skype history?

Skype > click Skype Settings

In the Settings menu, click Messaging > Export chat history

In the Export your chat history, check the profile you wish to export then click Next

Exporting your Skype history

Skype support open history on the browser once export complete.

As you can see the attached image below, it can easily view on a web browser so an unauthorized user can read your chat history easily. Just back it up then save it into a safe place. Hoping it will be fixed in the next Skype release such as enhance password protection or encryption for history chat.

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1 year ago

Disappointing to see that the title is completely at odds with what is shown throughout this article. People want to know how to extract/backup their SKYPE v8 messages NOT use Skype 8 to extract the Skype v7.x message history that ceased being available when the Skype user switched over from Skype 7.x to Skype 8 !! Title seriously needs to be changed to reflect what it really does and not get labelled as click bait and a time waster. Something like “How to back up your Skype v7 message history using Skype v8.” Straight away only those that need to… Read more »

1 year ago

I’m ok with Dave. I found this page becasue I was looking for an idea to export my Skype 8 history, not for Skype 7. It seems that nobody knows how to do …

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