How to delete stubborn files or folders?

You are trying to delete stubborn files or folders but cannot delete it, you may see the error when deleting files or folders.

You need permission to perform this action

If you wish to get rid of the files or folders, you may like the tip below.

Download and Install Unlocker Utility

Unlocker is a simple tool that lets you get rid of stubborn files that can’t be deleted in the standard way.

Deleting a file from your computer isn’t always as easy as it seems. Have you ever you get an irritating error message telling you that the file is being used by another application and can’t be erased? Unlocker is the solution!

Unlocker is dead easy to use: simply right-click the file that can’t be erased and select the Unlocker option. You’ll be able to choose between deleting the file, renaming it or moving it to another location. If the selected task can’t be completed immediately, it’ll be finished the next time you restart the computer.




Unlocker doesn’t have any other options or configuration settings. It’s meant to do just one thing but does it really well. If you often have problems with locked files, this is the tool you’re looking for.

Unlocker lets you delete stubborn files that are blocked by other apps or processes also.

That’s it. Hope it helps.

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