How to Disable Shutdown Restart from Start Menu?

As a Windows administrator, perhaps you ever experienced users accident hit the shutdown button instead of restart machine at the midnight. To prevent this terrible thing, you may block the Shutdown/Restart button for users/machines or only allow for specify users or groups with a higher privilege can execute this action. In this tutorial, I only focus on blocking in the domain environment by creating a Group Policy. In the Workstation environment is the same.

To get started, Open Group Policy Management, create a Group Policy named Remove Shutdown/Restart from Start Menu under OU you wish to enforce the policy. Right-click Edit the Policy, from here you have 2 options, it depends on your requirements.

  1. Computer Configuration – Apply for this Computer Machine only.
  2. User Configuration – Apply for the user logged in to any machine.

Enable the Setting Remove and prevent access to the Shut Down, Restart, Sleep….

By enforcing the policy immediately, open Command Prompt hit a gpupdate /force. 

You can also check the group policy result by opening command Prompt with admin right, then do a command gpresult /r. It will show the list of GPO that applied to your Computer settings or User settings.

Let check the difference from the User view.

Before applying policy

After enforcing policy will be like that.

Allow only for specific Users/Groups can Shutdown/Restart system.

Instead of enforcing the policy on all Computer or Users, this tip will allow you to assign specific users/groups that have a right to Shutdown/Restart the system.

Edit the policy, navigate to Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies/User Rights Assignment.

Navigate to Shut down the system setting, assign users/groups you wish to have a right to Shutdown/Restart the system.

Now, your user will not have a chance to hit the wrong button.

I hope it help.

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