How to keep track your email with read receipts?

Have you wondered “Did the recipient read your email message or not”?

From Outlook 2007 and later support for tracking read receipts. A read receipt confirms that your message was opened.

e.g: Your message has delivery. Until the recipient opens your message then you will receive a notify message like “Your message was read on….”

This only effective for Microsoft Outlook both sender and recipient must be accepted read request otherwise you may miss the notify message.

Below is a short guide on how to archive the goal.

First, from Outlook go on to File > Options > Mail, then scroll down to Tracking section

Delivery receipt confirming… meaning your message was delivered to the e-mail server
Read receipt confirming… meaning your message was read by the recipient
For the demo, I chose the first one Always send a read receipt, default send a read receipt to the sender without any notice. Please note that this section must be configured at the recipient also.

Let’s check it out, compose a message

From Outlook, click on the Send/Receive button, you will see an e-mail message from System. It tells you that your message was delivered to the e-mail server successfully.

Waiting until the recipient opens your message then you will get the notify like below

In case the recipient did default for the receipt request, so the recipient must be clicked on the yes button otherwise the sender may miss the read notify. If the recipient check to the Never send a read receipt so the sender will never receive the read message from the recipient also.

You may use this technique to request a read receipt for another messaging client like Gmail or Email Tracking Add-On.

Hope this help. Thank you for reading.

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1 year ago

ok, that really helps

1 year ago

I’m wondering if as a receiver, is there any way that I can fake this signal, like “already read”, but sender still see it as unread

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