How to make a professional signature in Outlook/Thunderbird by HTML format?

We usually create a plain text for Signature in Outlook/Thunderbird, it really boring and not nice, I think it will appropriate for personal. For the enterprise environment, it needs to be professional in the signature layout. To achieve that we need to have a signature in HTML format, you need to have a little technique for writing an HTML code or using an online tool like Email Signature Generator to help you customize your own signature in HTML format.

In this tutorial, I won’t tell you about how to write an HTML code, just want to let you that how to apply signature in HTML format to Outlook or Thunderbird.

For quickly get a professional signature in HTML format, I’ve used an online tool to archive such as Signature Generator. Access to the website in a hyperlink, choose the best signature template for you, do not forget to choose the email platform, you may change your own company logo in the Graphics section also.

In the left panel of the website, click Apply your signature then click Copy signature to the clipboard.

Apply Signature in HTML format for Outlook

Open Outlook, go to File > Options > Mail > Signatures…

Create New signature such as Signature in HTML format then paste the copied from the clipboard to the Edit Signature.

Let’s try to load it from compose the email.

Apply Signature in HTML format for Thunderbird

Open Thunderbird, go to Tools > Account Settings, check the box Use HTML at the Signature text, copy the HTML code that you created into the text field.

Try to send test mail with attached new signature.

That’s it. Your new signature looks professional than ever.

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