How to Sync Your Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar?

I will show you a useful tool for sync your Outlook and Google calendars securely, including meeting attendees, reminders, full description and more. See the description below.


Supports all versions of Outlook from 2003 to 2016 64-bit!

Installable and portable options – even runs from a USB thumb drive

Synchronizes items in any calendar folder, including those shared with you, from

Outlook => Google

Outlook <= Google

Outlook <=> Google (two-way/bidirectional sync)

Includes the following event attributes:




Attendees (including whether required or optional)

Reminder events

Availability (free/busy)

Privacy (public/private)

Differential comparison updates only attribute that has changed

Customizable date range to synchronize, past and future

The frequency of automatic syncs, including push-sync from Outlook

Configurable proxy settings, or use Internet Explorer’s

Merge new events into existing on destination calendar

Prompt on deletion of items

Ability to obfuscate custom words for privacy/security

Option to force items in the target calendar

As private

As available

Syncs recurring items properly as a series

Can run unobtrusively in the system tray, with bubble notifications on sync

The application can start on login, with delay if required

How to use it?

First, go and download the installation source

Just run the execute file then you will see the windows of Outlook Google Calendar Sync.

Go to the Settings tab, navigate to Outlook on the left panel, select the google mail you wish to sync calendar.

Navigate to Google on the left panel, click Retrieve Calendars.

Sign in to your google account.

You will be asked for allowing access from Outlook Google Calendar Sync to your Google Account, click Allow to accept.

You will see the google account present in the list of the select calendar.

Navigate to Sync Options, you can choose the method of sync in Direction, set the sync time also.

Go to Outlook, create a test calendar.

Back to Outlook Google Calendar Sync tool, go to the Sync tab and click Start Sync. You will see the sync process.

After syncing, go to your google account check the calendar status, you will see your calendar should be created.

Hope it helps. Thanks.


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