How to temporary STOP Sophos Endpoint Security?

Sometimes you suspect your computer is sluggish since installing Sophos Endpoint Security and wish to temporary STOP it instead of removing it. Unfortunately, Sophos Central did not support turn it off on the cloud. So, How to do that? Let follow in my article.

Open Sophos Endpoint Security you will see your Endpoint be locked by Tamper Protection.


First, you need to Login to Sophos Central > Devices > Choose the Device to wish to Stop

Scroll down to Tamper Protection, click Disable Tamper Protection.


You can change/Remove Sophos Endpoint on your device once you disable it.


Make sure your Computer is out of Tamper Protection, the Admin Login is disappear.


Now you can temporary STOP Sophos Endpoint Security.

Open Command Prompt under Admin-Rights, copy the command below and enter.

wmic service where "caption like '%Sophos%'" call stopservice


To start services again, change stopservice to startservice

wmic service where "caption like '%Sophos%'" call startservice

That’s it, hope it helps. Thank you for reading.

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