How to use Backup and Restore with File History in Windows 10?

You are looking for a suitable tool to backup your important data. To prevent data loss or mistaken deletion, it can be recovered as soon as possible.

Backing up your data cannot be easier because you have an expensive assistant from Windows 10 which is the Backup File History feature. In addition to backing up data, it also creates a snapshot library based on backup time. In the library of the past version of your documents that you can recover if need be. A few mice click for setting up your backup place as well as schedule, you can safely back up your data.

How to set a backup?

To get started with File History, open the Settings then go to Update & Security > Backup.

You must choose the backup location, Windows supported various location such as local disk, external hard drive or network drive. In this tutorial, I will choose my portable drive to be a backup destination.

Click the “+” next to Add a drive, select your drive. I select D drive as my portable drive.

If you would to backup to your a remote network drive, under Add a drive, click More Option, then go to the advanced settings.

At here you can see your available drives as well as the remote location.

Once the drive is selected, the Automatically back up my files should be turned ON. Go to the More options to dig into other settings.

It depends on your backup needs then you can set up a schedule as well as backup retention.

By default, Windows set these folders as the backup folders. You can remove all of it then add your actual backup folders.

At this point, you can see I have a parent folder named Backup the 2 sub-folder is Docs and Personal_Stuffs. I only backup documents that are in the Docs folder, and the Personal_Stuffs folders excluded without backup.

From the backup Overview click Backup up now. Open your portable drive and you will see the new folder FileHistory is created with the following folder structure. Your documents will be under the Data folder.

How to restore to a previous version of files?

Go to Backup options > see advanced settings > Restore personal files

The library is arranged by each page, you select the date by clicking the next button. Select the backup file version you want to restore then click Restore to the original location. Your file will be restored as it was.

In case you want to change the backup location, you must stop the current backup before doing this. Your current backup data are still safe.

Now, you able to backup/restore your documents with a built-in backup tool in Windows 10.

That’s it. Thank you for reading.

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