Moving Windows Pagefile To Another Drive

By default the windows pagefile.sys is located at C:\ drive, the file size will be equal to or bigger than the actual physical memory. You may get back some free space for C:\ by moving it to another drive.

Open Control Panel > System

In Windows 10 click on the Advanced system settings

Click on the Advanced tab. In the box labeled “Performance”, click on the Settings button.

Click on the Advanced tab in the resulting dialog.

That long, strange sequence should have you looking at a dialog similar to this:

Therein you’ll see the “Virtual memory” section showing how much space has been set aside for your paging files.

Click on Change…

As you can see, the default is to have the system manage your paging file size for you, and in my case, it’s placed the entire file on my C: drive.

To change that:

  • Uncheck the “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” setting.
  • Click on the drive currently holding pagefile.sys (probably C:)
  • Click on No paging file
  • Click Set
  • Click on OK

Move to another drive:

  • Click on the drive you want to move pagefile.sys to
  • Click on System Managed Size
  • Click Set

You may need to reboot the machine for the changes to take effect, but that’s all there is to it. After the changes above and a reboot pagefile.sys was removed from C: and appeared on D:.

Some notes about the choices made above:

  • “System Managed Size” is appropriate, unless you have a specific reason to need it to be otherwise. Most people do not.
  • Of the drives that showed as available on my machine only C: and D: were appropriate locations for the paging file. B: is USB drive, and F: and P: are both TrueCrypt volumes. Only C: and D: are real internal and separate drives.
  • If only C: is listed on your machine, then you have nowhere to move your paging file to. You can run without virtual memory if you like – but depending on how you use your computer you may run into out of memory situations much sooner.

Be it for performance or for disk space, moving pagefile.sys is pretty easy.

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Klaus Kristensen
Klaus Kristensen
2 years ago

I’ve gone through with the instructions, but the pagefile still exists on the old drive. Should I manually remove it now, or will it disappear by itself? I imagine I have to manually remove it, since it is no longer being managed by windows, but I’m wondering if it’s safe

Daniel Massey
Daniel Massey
1 year ago

Only the C drive appears in the paging file menu, but D is an expension drive which I want to move it to. How do I do this, since D does not appear …

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