Wake Your PC Up Over The LAN

What is Wake On Lan (WOL)?

Wake-on-LAN (WoL) is a particular function that allows a computer or workstation to be powered up from a low-power state by a message from another part of a local area network. Companies and other entities may use Wake-on-LAN to conserve power in networked computing.

What benefits WOL provides?

Using Wake-on-LAN, administrators can boot computers up remotely through Ethernet or wireless cards. The Wake-on-LAN signal can come from a computer or device on the same LAN or from somewhere on a different network, through subnet-directed broadcasts or through a Wake-on-LAN Gateway service.

With Wake-on-LAN, a sleeping computer waits for a ‘magic packet’ sent to the entire network with its particular MAC address contained. This will provide the signal for that computer to essentially boot itself up from a sleeping or hibernating state. Users need to enable Wake-on-LAN capacity in BIOS.

How to enable WOL on a Computer?

Your computer Motherboard needs to be WOL-enabled. In this tutorial, I’m using HP Elite-Desk 800G3 for demo purpose.

Motherboard Setup

Boot to BIOS, at Start Menu > BIOS Setup

Switch to Advanced tab > Built-In Device Options

Tick the check to Embedded LAN Controller, Wake On LAN must be Boot to Hard Drive

Computer Setup

Download and install the latest driver of Network Interface Controller.

Open Computer Management > Device Manager > Right-click Network adapter > Properties


Go to Advanced tab, Scroll down and check Wake on Magic Packet and Wake on Pattern Match must be Enabled


Power Management tab, tick the check to both Allow the computer…. and Allow this device….


Test and capture WOL packet

After configure, we need to test to make sure the WOL work properly by using the software below:

1. Wake Me On LAN, refer to download link https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wake_on_lan.html#DownloadLinks

2. Packet Sniffer for Wake On LAN, refer to download link https://www.apreltech.com/Free/Wake_on_lan_Packet_Sniffer


Open the Wake Me On LAN on WOL Server, go to File > Add New Computer, then input some information of the target Computer such as (IP Address, Computer Name, and MAC Address)


At the target computer open WOLSNIFFER, then waiting for the WOL signal from WOL Server send to.


From WOL Server, right-click to the new computer was created > Wake Up Selected Computer or press F8 to send the WOL signal to the target computer.


Back to target computer you will see the signal was sent from WOL Server, now try to shut down the target computer then Wake it Up.


That’s all, thank you for reading.

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